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3D Corporate *

Shop Build & Mall Setup $6,000

1st Year Promotion = $750/month

(Regular Rent value = $1500/month)

Package includes up to 100 Products

& 100 Promotional Campaigns

*Contact us to start designing your 3D MetaShop and be aware that we require to sign a contract to build and set your shop up in the mall.


3D Corporate Shop

Reinforce your Brand with a complete Immersive Store, e-Commerce and an Advanced Communication Campaign

Reinforce your Brand with a complete and uppermost 3D Immersive Store, fully interactive and navigable through hotspots. Users coming to your Virtual Shop will be able to access inside the store, connect with other visitors, enter the different areas or spaces and interact with your own customized Virtual Assistant to answer their questions.

When your Corporate Store is ready, you will have an access to your Merchant Console where you will be able to upload your Products or Services to the Shop with an advanced e-Commerce plan, send Offers and Promotions to your subscribers via Push Notifications and check in real-time the complete performance of your Virtual Space.

Outstanding Features

What better way to improve your online presence than having a 3D space on our Virtual Mall?
Contact us to discuss design options, content and pricing


More Presence

Inside the Mall


Virtual Assistant

Custom Shop Assistant


More content

More Interactive Options


Advanced communications

Unique Communications Plan

3D Store Specs

Why choose a Corporate Shop?

Discover the incredible advantages and opportunities for your business that arise from having your own Corporate Shop.

Corporate Shop Sample
Store Image
Store 01

Corporate Videos

4 Different Corporate Videos

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Store 02

Interactive ePanels

4 Different ePanels

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Store 03


4 Different eCatalogs

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Store 04


5 Different Custom Advertisements

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Store 05

Custom Store Design

Personalized design to suit the Client

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Store 06

Notifications Campaigns

Strategic campaigns to promote sales

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Store 07

Products Display

Detailed sample of products and services

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Store 08


eCommerce with payment gateway

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